GYS GYSMI 200P 200A MMA Inverter 030794


GYS GYSMI 200P 200A MMA Inverter 030794

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GYS GYSMI 200P 200A MMA Inverter 030794

The GYS GYSMI 200P 200A MMA Inverter can weld up to 5.0mm diameter electrodes. Advanced features include Hot Start, Anti-sticking and Arc Force Technology.

Comes with case, electrode holder and earth clamp. (Able to weld 3.2mm electrodes on UK 13A plug).


  • Welding unit with inverter technology piloted by microprocessor.
  • The arc dynamic of the product is unique and revolutionary on the market.
  • Can be used with all types of electrodes: rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron in direct current.
  • Very handy, thanks to its small weight (5 kg) and its highly reduced volume.


  • Immediate start thanks to its very high no-load voltage.
  • Constant welding power.
  • Very smooth melting due to the direct current.
  • Not sensitive to supply current fluctuations or to the arc length.
  • Very good penetration and perfect arc stability.


  • HOT START: Increased power at start.
  • ANTI STICKING: Prevents the electrode sticking.
  • ARC FORCE: Instantaneous increase of the current in difficult welding situation.



  • 50/60hz: 230V.
  • AM: 32A.
  • I2 MMA: 10 – 200A.
  • EN60974-1 (40°C) IA (60%): 120A.
  • EN60974-1 (40°C) X% (60%): 200A 20%.
  • U0: 72V.
  • Cable Diameter: 10/16 mm.
  • Dimensions: 14x18x27 cm.
  • Weight: 5kg.