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List of products by brand BESSEY

  • Bessey Tool is one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional hand tools in the fields of clamping and cutting technology.

  • Bessey is a strong brand, based on many years of innovation and quality.

  • Bessey Tool offers specialist dealers a broad range of standard and special tools for wood and metal processing, a cooperative partnership, and a high level of service.

  • Bessey Tool develops and produces its own tools.

  • Bessey Tool's most important sales markets are currently Europe and North America, and it is looking to the growth markets of Asia and South America.

Today, two business divisions make BESSEY unique: The positioning of BESSEY as precision steel and tool manufacturer ensures decisive quality advantages.

Our motivation is to provide value to our business partners, employees and shareholders.

  • As a manufacturer in the area of clamping and cutting technologies, we are a market leader and trendsetter.

  • We maintain our independence through profitable growth. The foundation for this is our reliability and flexibility.

Together we are simply better.

  • Our strength is the best quality in cooperation. As a part of this, we stand for commitment and estimation.
  • We speak openly and honestly with each other. Our contact with one another - both internally and externally - is based on fairness and reliability as well as trust in the other's integrity.
  • Each individual's own initiative and responsibility are very important to us. Our managers support and encourage our employees. In doing so, we have created an attractive work environment

    We gain our competitive advantage through ideas and quality.

  • As a leader in innovation, we develop our products for the highest level of assistance and functionality, whereas ergonomics, design and safety stand in the foreground.
  • We offer our operators maximum utility through a large product mix depth with products of the highest precision and lasting reliability.

    Our standard is operative excellence.

  • Our core competence is manufacturing.
  • The clearly structured organisation streamlines our production, making it flexible and leading to responsible handling of resources and the environment.
  • The logistics chain, from procurement to delivery, is subject to continual optimisation and is oriented to the requirements of our customers.

    Premium is our identity on the market.

  • With the brand BESSEY, we have a worldwide presence.
  • With competent sales partners, we provide our customers services around the product that satisfy a standard of excellence.